Discover our timber windows


Timber windows protected by an exterior aluminium cladding offer a durable protection from the elements and provide you with a new worldview.


The natural beauty of the wood – from the pleasant spruce wood to the mighty oak – is enhanced by the elegant design of the windows that will enrich your home.


The timber we use for our windows comes from our direct neighbourhood. We process it from log to window in order to ensure this precious natural resource is used efficiently.

Customize the appearance of your windows with a wide range of wood and aluminium colors

Large selection of wood types

From the light colored spruce wood to the dark sapele, your new windows can be made using any commercially available wood type. The unrepeatable wood textures ensure each of our products is unique.

Broad range of wood coating colors

Using transparent, semi-transparent or opaque coatings of virtually any color we can customize the windows and complete the appearance of the interior.

Wide range of aluminium colors

From black to white and anything inbetween, the exterior of the windows can be painted in any color of aluminium

Explore our models

Les-alu okno Protect-A


The timeless classic beauty of the Protect-A model fits with any architecture

Les-alu okno A-Line


The coplanar surfaces of the A-line model fit perfectly with contemporary architecture

Les-alu okno Protect-G


The exceptional model Protect-G fits perfectly with innovative architecture